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Why our customers love us!

Irina (Russia)

"Claudia is the best teacher I've ever had. Her professional approach and high quality tailored to my needs program helps me a lot to understand many aspects of Australian English pronunciation. Every lesson was useful and fun! I highly recommend Claudia for everyone who wants to improve English pronunciation."

Sabrina (Italy)

"I met Claudia to work on my accent and pronunciation. She immediately understood all my issues with the language and she built a plan for me that we followed week after week with great success. I was impressed at each lesson of how much I could achieve. Claudia is highly professional but also an amazing person. She took away any embarrassment and fear I had when pronouncing words I wasn’t good at and made it all look fun as! I highly recommend this experience!"

Raul (Chile)

"Claudia is great! I, and people around me, noticed improvement right from the first session. Her system is super personalized and tailored to everyone's needs. 100% would recommend to anyone who is looking to progress their careers, change bad habits, or simply, be understood!"

More testimonials from our clients

Claudia is a wonderful professional! With her I was able to overcome many of my conversational fears and improve my English accent. Speaking a second language is challenging for many people, trying to pronounce English properly for non native speakers can be a very frustrating process. I remember being reluctant of taking calls or asking for medicines in the pharmacy because I feared Aussies will not understand me... to some point I thought they didn’t want to do it. Claudia help me see how I could change that situation. Thanks to her, I clearly saw why Aussies were getting confused with my pronunciation... I finally understood why they were getting confused. Claudia patiently helped me improve and gain more confidence. Now, I’m studying the Masters in Clinical Psychology which requires very high conversational skills... I am sure I was able to achieve this goal thanks to Claudia’s help. I can’t recommend her more. Also, if you work with Claudia, you’ll have tons of fun and great moments. She is such a nice human. Thanks for everything Claudia!
- Gustavo Garcia
I started my lessons with Claudia a couple of months ago. The problem I had was not speaking clearly enough and using proper mouth movements to enunciate English words. This had always been affecting my ability to communicate my ideas/thoughts across at work. After I started seeing Claudia, she was able to quickly assess which part of my speech I need to work on more and provided me with a personalised program that helped me improve over time. I could see tremendous positive changes in my fluency after learning the tricks to pronounce from Claudia. She has also been incredibly patient and nurturing to my progress. If anyone is looking to improve their speech fluency in English, whether for work, studies or other reasons, I highly recommend to speak to Claudia.
- Kuan Lee
I can say with confidence that she is one of the best teachers I have had. Her bubbly personally is always inspiring. Her teaching style makes it easy for students to learn. She is also highly creative in teaching and patient. I really recommend Claudia. She is very kind, professional, experienced, friendly and full of positive energy.
- Megan P
Claudia is an amazing and very talented teacher. She gives all her best in her classes 100% She very clearly and simply explains the material and gives a lot of additional information. I recommend her to everyone.
- Lana Iakovleva
From my experience, I found that Claudia is a enthusiastic teacher with extensive knowledge of English pronunciation and speech skills. She is very friendly, helpful, always motivates her students to learn and explains every content with clarity. I highly recommend Claudia if anyone is looking to improve their overall English speaking skills. She is the best !!
- Prince Bhandari
I have had a lot of troubles with pronunciation which made me not confident in communicating. I have self-studied and kept practising all techniques which I knew but there was no improvement. Thanks to Claudia, she helped me with my pronunciation by pointing out my mistakes which I was not even aware of before. By following her instructions, I now can correct myself to pronounce words correctly and comfortably. I strongly recommend Claudia for those who are struggling which their pronunciation as she is professional and experienced and will help you overcome your problems to communicate better.
- Linh Danh
I was very happy with every session since my first lesson. Claudia has established an individual training plan and guided me in the right direction all the way. Since then my speech clarity has improved considerably, and now I know what to focus on for my practice so I can get even better. Claudia is very friendly, professional, and certainly knows her field. I certainly do recommend her services.
Kristian Palich
I strongly recommend Pronounce It. I had the best experience with Claudia, she is friendly and very paciente. She helped me in so many ways, not just in my pronunciation, but also in my confidence when I speak. It made me realise that I needed to slow down a bit, also her material is extremelly helpful as you can practice daily in many ways.
- Milena Ponce
Claudia always has a positive spirit and friendly attitude. She helped me to develop confidence in speaking, reading and listening English. She also helped me in improving my English speaking skills by pronouncing the correct words in clarity and in correct accent. It is really worth to attend her classes and she is the best speech pathologist ever.
- Janet george
It's been an amazing experience to work with Claudia on my pronunciation. My french accent was really strong and I had to repeat myself often. Claudia helped me to understand how the sound system works in Australian English. She has been really supportive and positive, the class were always tailored for my own difficulties and needs. I really appreciated it. I now feel more confident in my workplace. Thanks for everything Claudia :)
- Lucie Leonardi
I highly recommend Claudia.She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Session are really enjoyable and Claudia is extremely supportive throughout the process.
I have started face to face before moving to zoom session. I will advise to not be afraid of online session as they are as efficient as face to face session and as enjoyable.
- Vincent
Hi guys I am sergio from Chile , I am an actor and I am doing a theatre show here in Australia, Claudia have been helping me along this hard process, she is an amazing teacher , she helped me a lot , no just with the show also with my confident wirh the English . 100 % recommended .
- Sergio Ulloa Torres
Highly recommend Claudia's speech course, the clarity of your English speech will be noticeably improved in a matter of weeks, is especially helpful in a professional working context.
- Y Li
I have been taking English pronunciation classes with "Pronounce It" (particularly with Claudia) for more than six months. During this time, my English speaking skills have significantly improved, I noticed how my communication is now fluent and easy to be understood by native speakers. I think the secret of my improvement is that Claudia uses a range of teaching methods to focus on identifying common pronunciation errors which are then fixed by applying several customised strategies. Some of them include an initial assessment to determine the course of the learning plan; the use of different theoretical resources that emphasise on key areas of pronunciation; recorded lessons so this allows me to have a continues feedback. Claudia is a very professional and experienced trainer who is always motivating me to master my communication skills. I highly recommend "Pronounce It" for those people who are interested in improving their English pronunciation.
- Wilson Alberto Torres
I just finished 10 sessions with Claudia, including a few by videoconference. She really helped me identify the issues with my French accent speaking English and gave me helpful suggestions to improve it. Thanks to Claudia, I feel much more confident in English now, especially on the phone.
- Soizic Brohan
My training here has substantially made a difference to my self esteem and confidence when speaking with aussies. I’d highly recommend others who(your first language isn’t English) has issues with confidence and expressing oneself when it comes to speaking In English to take Claudia’s classes to unlock your full employment potential.
- Damien Yow

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